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Our mission is to provide the resources needed to promote the growth and visibility of black-owned businesses and entities.

We believe that black businesses are essential to the economic success of our communities and our country.

We are dedicated to bridging the gap

so that black-owned businesses and entities can be positioned to compete in the mainstream marketplaces.

We are committed to promoting entrepreneurship within the black community and supporting the success of black-owned businesses for current and future generations success.

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Our vision is to be an asset for black-owned businesses to get the exposure and resources needed to grow, start  and run profitable businesses that can compete and thrive in the mainstream market.

We want to provide a space for business owners of color to promote their businesses and services, gain exposure, and access resources like funding to start a business or scale a current business, and education on how to start a business and effectively run and position their business for success.

We envision a future where black businesses can thrive and compete in the mainstream market, all while growing our community and creating generational wealth.

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The Black Business Exchange is committed to bringing exposure, developing black businesses, educating and empowering the African American community based on the following precepts: 


Is to be the go-to platform for black-owned entities to get exposure and be a resource for all who want support in helping bridge the gap in mainstream market placement.

In 2023 we have set a goal to help launch 23 + new businesses and get exposure for 1000’s more current businesses.